Princebury Productions & Media

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Princebury Publishing is continually searching for great stories that offer encouragement, strong family values and character-driven plots. From critically acclaimed and award-winning authors to fresh and talented newcomers, we publish fiction and nonfiction by some of America's finest writers. Our goal is to give our readers the unique experience of being moved, entertained and changed forever. We work with a select group of authors and provide them complete support in writing and publishing their stories. When Princebury publishes a book, not only does it have the potential to become a motion picture, but it is distributed through all the traditional and emerging channels, including Barnes & Noble, Indigo Books & Music, independent bookstores, national retailers, schools and universities, church bookstores, Amazon, and eBooks. Our publishing division has brought together some of the most talented agents and editors in the industry who are focused on well-written stories and not the bureaucratic agenda at most of the larger publishing houses. Our areas of focus are:


  • Middle School & Young Adult Fiction Series
  • Fiction & non-fiction based on true stories or current film projects
  • Non-fiction based on Biblical Principles
  • Leadership & Educational Material


Our film division enables us to take these beautifully written narratives and adapt them for film, either launching the book prior to or along with the release of the motion picture. Sometimes a book or series will be developed for television or cable programming, which falls under our Media Division. By working with the worldwide film industry, we offer a network of talent and contacts unparalleled at other publishers. The transition from book to screenplay is seamless, along with developing the correct production package, funding, and theatrical release. Princebury Publishing is the home for writers of literary novels, adventures, memoir, true narrative, and business leadership books—a place bound by a common love of language and great storytelling.


We are not accepting submissions from outside sources and seek our own content & material through referrals.