Princebury Productions & Media

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Working from our slate of films and other strategic partnerships, Princebury will often find an exceptional project to either produce or executive producer. This is where we will take an idea from conception to theatrical release. We work with many talented script writers, directors, actors, cinematographers and industry personnel who share our vision and embody our high standards. Our material is obtained from true stories or events, short stories, finished screenplays, books, and other literary resources. Once agreed on, a script will be created or revised, funding secured through our Film Fund or other private sources, production planned, and film completed and distributed. Princebury locks in all the proper distribution rights (pre-sales) and tax credits, enabling the highest maximization of profit and sales through either select demographics or a worldwide release. Prior to a film being released, we work with specific marketing organizations (partnerships) that handle the promotion side, both domestic and international. They work with our global network of contacts and organizations to create a "buzz" behind the film and build a loyal fan base prior to completion. We also secure all other areas of distribution, including DVDs, Order-On-Demand, retail, and multimedia.


The Essential Areas of Production


Story: The story is the crucial foundation of a film and too often "missed" with the common practice of "flash over substance". Princebury focuses on crafting a compelling story with vivid characters and a comprehensive narrative structure. The progressive development of characters and plot, following a cause and effect arc, help the film move forward and keep the viewers engaged, leaving a lasting impression.


Location: Settings draw the viewers into a film, into the world of the story and into the characters lives. Working with professional set designers, location managers, and art directors, we choose evocative landscapes and authentic interiors to capture the necessary atmosphere and embody the mood of each story.


Director: The director is the orchestra leader, bringing everything together. He or she embodies the vision of the picture and the message we are conveying. Great directors bring out the best in everyone, working with actors to find more depth and exceptional performances. They keep true to the story and characters, successfully leading a project to its ideal completion and never compromising on the vision entrusted to them.


Actors: We are always looking for exceptional actors who have the ability and experience to portray believable characters. We use a wide variety of artists from different backgrounds and training: from seasoned veterans of film and theater to people with natural talent and professional commitment. An extraordinary cast is central to making a successful motion picture.


Cinematography: Film is visual art, which is why the cinematographer is vital to a successful movie. Cinematography visually carries the entire story from start to finish. The eye of the camera is the eye through which the viewers see and experience people, places, and emotions. It is the active point of view of the narrative, and so often missed with most films.


Soundtrack: Music in movies is an integral background layer of a film narrative. It evokes moods, feelings, and the atmosphere; it also provides a background ambience of the scene: fear, drama or excitement. We seek out aspiring musicians and symphonies to compose extraordinary soundtracks. Of course, we may use existing songs at times, but we like to create new soundtracks for films and productions that become their own signatures.