Princebury Productions & Media

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Princebury provides motion picture investment opportunities to interested and qualified individuals, entrepreneurs, and capital funds. Our team has over 120 years in finance, primarily as attorneys and investment bankers working directly with top Wall Street firms, and has raised over $2.5 billion in debt and equity investments. Although new technologies have altered the filmmaking process and traditional ways of raising capital have changed, new funding for independent projects continues to emerge. We also work with many different financial institutions and backers, including banks, private investors, venture capital companies, and equity groups. With our Film Fund, we are able to choose specific projects from a slate of films and finance them from production through distribution, including marketing and P & A.


We do things by the numbers based on decades of experience and exceptional industry advisors. With each venture, we determine the potential value and marketability of the project, then forecast potential revenues beginning with theatrical release, DVD sales, cable broadcast and television networks, published material, products, tax incentives, and many other current and developing vehicles worldwide. The main factors determining the commercial success of a film include public trends, artistic merit, competition from other films, the strength of the story, and the quality of the cast and director, as well as other attached participants.


Princebury makes sure all the proper requirements are packaged, helping create a legal entity for your production, writing a Investment Memorandum, developing a full business plan, overseeing a polished script, designing a complete budget, implementing a comprehensive strategy, and securing P & A (Print & Advertising), along with distribution and retail sales. We analyze the strong ancillary markets in DVD, CATV, and other electronic media (streaming video, on demand, SVOD), tax incentives and credits, and pre-sales from foreign distributors and many other avenues.