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Current Projects

Kevin ChoTitle: Kevin Cho Saves The World

Genre: Video Game

Status: Development

Logline: The Boogie Man has abducted the Sand Man. He plans to use the Sand Man’s magical sleep-inducing sand to subdue the entire world into an eternal nightmare filled slumber - spreading fear throughout the world. A young boy named Kevin Cho must enter the dream world to save everyone from this terrible fate.

For more information, visit 1121 Studios


Latin LegendTitle: Latin Legends Round 2, the Directors Cut

Genre: Documentary

Status: In Production

Logline: This inspiring documentary tells the stories of Latin American boxers and their rise to greatness.


Drawing Out GeniusTitle: Drawing Out Genius

Genre: Documentary

Status: Completed

Logline: A feature-length documentary about the growing problems in the American Education system and one solution presented from the perspective of a group of high school students.


Title: Benghazi

Genre: Action/Thriller

Status: Development

Logline: An action packed thriller based on the attack of the US Diplomatic Compound in Benghazi, Libya in 2012.


Hopes AngelsTitle: Hopes Angels

Genre: Reality Television

Status: Development

Logline: A group of models hit the streets to change the lives of people that experience tragedy.


Title: Escobar

Genre: Action/Thriller

Status: Development

Logline: A historical thriller based on the life of the billionaire “King of Cocaine”, Pablo Escobar.