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Princebury Productions & Media joins with New Latin Cinema and Phantom Studios to produce Latin Legends: Round 2, The Movie

Las Vegas, NV – Princebury Productions & Media announced today that it would be joining New Latin Cinema to make the second film in the series entitled “Latin Legends.” The new film entitled “Latin Legends: Round 2” will be re-mastering original footage and adding new interviews from some of the biggest names in Latin boxing. Librado Barocio has signed on to direct and will also produce.

In life a man can be a hero, in the ring a legend… “Latin Legends,” is an inspirational film about some of the greatest Latin boxers of our time. This film will show dazzling highlights from the spectacular careers of Roberto Duran, Julio Cesar Chavez, and the late greats Alexis Arguello and Salvador Sanchez along with many others. These true gladiators fought hard and often and the many clips show their triumphs and occasional defeats. It is said that Latin men fight for God and country and those exciting and brutal battles will be highlighted in the film. Rising from the streets of poverty to kings of the entire world, these men can be seen as role models with the same common beliefs, such as the importance of hard work, their strong faith in God, and their respect for others. Their story of struggle and triumph will be an inspiration for all.

Latin Legends: Round 2 will be released in Summer 2015.

More information is expected to be released in regards to distribution.

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North Dakota, Legendary


ND1Princebury went to North Dakota July 2nd- 8th to discuss the economic and cultural benefits of establishing a vibrant film industry for the state and the series, “Young Four Eyes.”

The Beginning

Dr. Richard Melheim, North Dakota native, introduced us to the idea at a think-tank he hosted in Aspen, last March.  As Rich described the beauty of western North Dakota, the multiple stories of historical significance, and the fact that ND is nearly always at the bottom of the tourism destination sites, we began to see a broader vision for the state than just one or two film projects.  Shortly after, we invited him to join our advisory board.


The Bigger Picture

When we were discussing the “Young Four Eyes” project, we dove into the research on what film initiatives the State of North Dakota had in place.  What we found was that they were one of 9 states in the country with no tax incentives and no film commission.  While these aren’t the only to consider when choosing a location to film, they definitely provide incentive. When places like Manitoba, Canada (North Dakota’s neighbor in the north) offer up to 45% refundable tax credits, it only makes business sense to avoid North Dakota in its present state. (  We believe the state government doesn’t need to/should never pay for films out of pocket, but a full state film structure is needed.  Young Four Eyes or individual projects may be a good start, but with infrastructure, North Dakota can be put on the map as the Family Friendly Film Capital of the country.



Welcome Rich Melheim!


We are honored to welcome our newest member Rich Melheim to our Advisory Board!  We were blessed enough to be invited by him to Aspen for a think-tank this last March.  We spent the week exploring future opportunities in global markets, as well as nurturing relationships with members of our Board of Advisors, including Ron Forseth and John Lasko.   We were also able to set aside some time to ski the beautiful iconic slopes of Snowmass and cook in the massive Glenwood Hot Springs.


Rich Melheim was a great host and an incredibly interesting man.  He has a strong passion for God and His people.  He has been and still is involved in several projects ranging from preschool programs using music and the arts to animated biblical stories to books designed to keep families together.  Rich has just started his book tour, which will span in 55 cities three months.  His book, Holding Your Family Together introduces the “Faith5,” five steps to bringing your family closer to God and each other.  We will be attending the event in San Diego on June 18, which will be a great opportunity to get a sneak peek at his future best seller.

Aspen was an incredible trip and we look forward to putting the information we learned and the strategy we revised to work in this coming year.


Movie to Movement

We were lucky enough to welcome Jason Jones into our office last week to discuss our collaboration in upcoming projects.  Jason is a brilliant humanitarian, pro-life activist, and film producer.  He has helped with multiple political campaigns and spoken out against abortion. His passion for human life led him to start Movie to Movement.


Movie to Movement is a film production company based out of Hawaii.  Movie to Movement was created to promote a culture of Life, Love & Beauty.  They do this through the production of their own films, as well as sharing others.  Past projects include The Stoning of Soraya M., which won the NAACP Image Award in 2010 as well as the Los Angeles Film Festival Audience Award in 2009, and Bella, which won several film industry awards, most notably the People’s Choice Award at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival. Movie to Movement also just released Crescendo last Thursday internationally.


Crescendo is a short, 12 minute film about a mother faced with a difficult decision of whether to go
through with her pregnancy and subject her child to the broken world in which she lived.  Crescendo received eleven international film festival honors, including “Best Short Film”.  A few of us joined Jason at the premiere in San Diego, and were extremely impressed.  This film is a must watch!  It entertains as well as inspires.

We look forward to working with Jason Jones and Movie to Movement in the future.