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We are currently working on a documentary titled “Charter”. This story focuses on the inter-workings of the Charter School System, specifically on a Charter school in Escondido, California. Instead of having experts of education talk about the problems with the education system, this documentary takes a twist and uses a student of the charter school to help us gain insight into the problems in education. By using a student’s first hand encounter with the education system, it allows us to show a different perspective to the things that are working, and that are not for the current generation.


This documentary shows how the charter school system offers a successful alternative to the normal modes of the learning system. By following the student’s stories we will show how creativity and mentorship are a part of the solution. We will show the transition from troubled past and poor grades to exemplary work. Every student should be challenged and inspired to do their very best, yet for some reason our schools do not take this perspective. In order to change the problems with our school system, we need to first figure out the best way to energize our students and encourage them to grow. This documentary shows how the charter school has adapted this innovative perspective and the strides that their students are making.  If you are interested in being a part of this incredible project please contact Chelsea Landers at:

A Night to Remember

            Launched in 2011, “A Night to Remember” is an extravagant celebration where students with special needs can feel honored, loved and celebrated. Each Honored Guest is paired with a high school student that remains at their side for the entire event; from hair and makeup, to dancing by their side all night.  This night is meant for breaking down walls and to bring all students together to celebrate these Honored Guests.  This is truly a magical experience for these students, which is why they doubled the number of students that attend the event from 300 in in their first year, to 600 in 2012 from a total of 51 San Diego County High Schools.

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             The most amazing thing about this event is that it is completely free; it is all made possible by individual and company donations. In doing this, these students are able to experience a night of a lifetime. They receive a prom dress/tuxedo, jewelry, hair and makeup, corsage/boutonniere, professional photos, and a limo ride. Once they arrive to the Prom, “paparazzi” and tons of fans welcome them.

If you would like to be a part of this event for 2013, it’s not too late.  You can donate here at:

Welcome Rich Melheim!


We are honored to welcome our newest member Rich Melheim to our Advisory Board!  We were blessed enough to be invited by him to Aspen for a think-tank this last March.  We spent the week exploring future opportunities in global markets, as well as nurturing relationships with members of our Board of Advisors, including Ron Forseth and John Lasko.   We were also able to set aside some time to ski the beautiful iconic slopes of Snowmass and cook in the massive Glenwood Hot Springs.


Rich Melheim was a great host and an incredibly interesting man.  He has a strong passion for God and His people.  He has been and still is involved in several projects ranging from preschool programs using music and the arts to animated biblical stories to books designed to keep families together.  Rich has just started his book tour, which will span in 55 cities three months.  His book, Holding Your Family Together introduces the “Faith5,” five steps to bringing your family closer to God and each other.  We will be attending the event in San Diego on June 18, which will be a great opportunity to get a sneak peek at his future best seller.

Aspen was an incredible trip and we look forward to putting the information we learned and the strategy we revised to work in this coming year.