Princebury Productions & Media

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Princebury is creating and building an entertainment library of exceptional family-focused message films and programming to sell and distribute through our ever-increasing channels and platforms. This relies on three areas: 1) Finding and purchasing high-quality family-oriented films (already finished); 2) re-editing & branding each film, which includes tighter stories, better music, and overall visual excellence; 3) distributing the film through our network of resources. We have created a seamless operation based on finding the rights productions; establishing an excellent editorial department and staff; and acquiring the right distribution methods, which include theatrical release (national & international); cable and television; DVDs; internet & social media; products and other media avenues. While our primary mission is to produce new filmed content, Princebury may use funds to acquire completed titles that align with our mission, message and quality. We travel the world, attending prominent film festivals and entertainment events searching for the right project or production.