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About Us

Princebury Productions & Media, LLC, focuses on four primary areas in the entertainment industry: advisory services, film production, finance, and the acquisition of previously completed projects. The advisory services offer decades of experience to those in search of strategic direction. Our highly qualified team and advisory board help clients navigate the increasing complexity of the domestic and international industry, from story and script development to producing and marketing a project. Producing allows us to pick specific projects that embody our values and move them from concept to completion and final distribution. We also work with many private investors and our Film Fund, which enables us to cover the film costs and oversee the completion of each project. Using our resources, we purchase previously completed films that never found the proper backing or distribution channels. Working with our creative team, we can edit and enhance these pictures, align them with our exceptional standards both in content and appearance, then distribute them to the appropriate markets.


Whether we are producing a comedy, drama, or action film, the type of projects we are interested in center around strong character-driven stories with a powerful and lasting message. Princebury is always looking for stories that offer uncompromising family values, strong character plots, and powerful messages. We have created Princebury Publishing, which enables us to take these narratives and either launch the book prior to or along with the release of the motion picture. Our publishing division has brought together some of the most talented agents and editors in the industry who are focused on well-written stories, not the bureaucratic agenda at most of the larger publishing houses.


All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come

- Victor Hugo -